Author Topic: Matt protector for top of smoker  (Read 342 times)


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Matt protector for top of smoker
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:57:29 PM »
Sometimes you don't have a table nearby to set things down.  So you set them down on top of your smoker.  Plastic or wood items aren't a problem.  Metal racks, pans and utensils can scratch and mar the smoker's really nice finish.  So, how about a protective plastic, foam rubber or felt pad, cut to fit the top of the smoker with cutouts for the smoke vent, control knob and on-light.  The upper surface doesn't get that hot so I don't think there would be restrictions on the materials the pad would be made of.  Wow, lets not stop there.  How about some smoking instructions printed on this pad: smoke times, wood selection and combinations.  Choice of colors.  Maybe a nice Big Smokin-it logo.  Or a graphic of my hot 65 year old wife!  Just kidding, there's already a logo on the side.  It'll provide surface protection as well as a spiffy little eye candy for the unit.