Author Topic: Anyone install a snap disc?  (Read 1021 times)


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Anyone install a snap disc?
« on: September 13, 2016, 12:13:18 AM »
So, I know some people have installed the switched bypass as a means of still being able to do a smoke if there is an issue with either one of the controllers, by allowing them to switch over to the (hopefully) still functioning one.  But...I'm curious if anyone has installed a "snap disc" or "snap action disc thermostat" or a "thermal cutout" in line between the heating element and the Auber (or the original controller for that matter).  That way if the Auber or heating element goes "berserk" the snap disc will...wait for it..."snap" and open the circuit if it reaches a specific temperature and cut the power to the heating element.

It might not even be necessary and just provide piece of mind.  It might be a good idea in terms of liability for those of us that have bypassed the OEM controller completely, to use the Auber.  Would home owner's insurance cover a fire that started as a result of rewiring an appliance and using a different controller?  I have no idea!!  But I was just thinking an in line thermal cutout of some sort might be a good idea.  I know my Masterbuilt came with one installed from the Mfgr. in line with their own controller.
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Re: Anyone install a snap disc?
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 09:20:39 AM »
As I recall one or two people have installed a meltable(fuseable) link in the circuit to fulfill the same role although these are a one time use only device. A snap disk sounds like a good idea to me. If you do it please post with pics and parts listing.
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