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Anything Goes!! / Re: RG's self indulgent Brisket Video
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:12:55 PM »
If I wasn't lazy, I'd love to have a KBQ. They look like they produce amazing results.

That's the knock on any cooker other than an electric or pellet grill, you have to tend to it, even with pellet poopers there is some baby sitting involved. With my Kegs (kamados) I could light the fire, add my auber temp controller and load it up with food and go to bed so it was almost as easy. The KBQ, it's like a stick burner that behaves like an oven, you set the temp and it maintains it as long as you feed it wood, lol. I thought it would be a pain but to be honest, it's no big deal. In between adding wood, I do other stuff as I would be doing anyway while at home. Watch TV, cut the grass, wash my cars or change oil in the scooter. Just keep an eye on to make sure it has hot coals and it'll do the rest.

The flavor is unlike anything else, it draws the smoke through the coals so you get a "scrubbed clean" smoke that is perfection. It has 2 ports on the firebox, the top one lets you add "dirty smoke" and the bottom one is "clean smoke". You can open and close them as much or as little as you like and create a custom blend. I run it at 50/50 most of the time. The "dirty" smoke gives you a nice smoke ring. I am not a paid spokesperson for Bill Karau's wonderful cooker even though it sounds like it, lol. It's been a life changing device for me, my wife and I LOVE it! She was mad at first when I bought it but when she ate the first butt and brisket I made on it, she was hooked and wanted to cook on it herself, lol.

If y'all were neighbors, I'd love to feed you some food from it so you could make up your own mind. Then again, if y'all were neighbors I'd let YOU cook for me, I've seen what you can do! ;)

Anything Goes!! / Re: RG's self indulgent Brisket Video
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:39:08 PM »
I may do some other videos at some point, maybe a rib cook on a pellet grill. I actually like ribs on my pellet poopers, lol. Then again, making that video took a LONG time. What is it, 10 or 11 minutes? I bet I spent 20 hours making that video. I could probably do it quicker now that I am used to the software. I could certainly leave out the fluff (Morgan Freeman forgive me) and do a straight up video showing the basics but I tried to make it entertaining to watch. I know you're not supposed to laugh at your own jokes and such but I was actually laughing at my own video as I would play it while making it, checking how it looked as I went. I thought to myself "Self. This is funny, you're not too bad for a hack!" :P

Maybe I'll stick to my motorcycle videos, that's easy. Hop on, start it up, turn on camera, ride and record!

Anything Goes!! / Re: RG's self indulgent Brisket Video
« on: January 14, 2018, 11:44:22 PM »
Thanks Guys. Just to be totally transparent here. At the end of the video, I invited folks to go to another forum that I frequent. It's not a slight to you guys at all, so please don't take it as such. It's not a brand specific forum so all cookers are welcome. That's where I spend most of my time these days since I don't have an SI any longer. That's why I asked if y'all wanted to see the video before I posted it, since it was NOT cooked on an SI. The method I use can be used on any smoker so that's what I wanted to share, the cook, not the cooker.

Thanks for watching!

Anything Goes!! / RG's self indulgent Brisket Video
« on: January 14, 2018, 05:42:25 PM »
Here's a stupid little video I made, I had fun with it. It's not very informative really, just showing me prep and cook a brisket. I meant to record me slicing it but didn't press the "record" button on the camera though I sure thought I did, lol.

Anything Goes!! / Re: Hi guys and gals!
« on: January 12, 2018, 01:12:25 PM »
I for one would love to see your video. I think it would be very helpful, no matter what it is cooked in. (KBQ I assume?) It's nice to see your name pop up again. :)

Hi Kari, yep it's the KBQ. It's the only thing I smoke briskets and butts on these days. Pellet grills get used for ribs and chicken a lot. The Kegs don't get used at all :(

Anything Goes!! / Re: Hi guys and gals!
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:48:02 AM »
Bring on the video and I will bring the popcorn.  Always good to read your posts Jason.

Thanks for the compliment David! I'll post a link once I get the video done (hopefully this weekend!)

Anything Goes!! / Hi guys and gals!
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:22:18 PM »
I know I am a but an occasional visitor here anymore but I am in the process of making a brisket "How-To" video just for the fun of it. I wonder how many (if any) would like to see it? I am by NO MEANS an expert at this, a backyard hack at best but I thought it might be fun. Keep in mind I no longer have an SI so the cooking part will be done on another cooker but maybe some of the stuff I do might be beneficial to others nonetheless. Let me know if y'all want to watch an idiot smoke a brisket, lol!

Anything Goes!! / Re: Happy Thanksgiving Guys!
« on: November 23, 2017, 08:36:16 AM »
Same to you all! I hope everyone enjoys the day with friends and family and remembers to give thanks for all of it!

Anything Goes!! / Re: 2 Wheeled Adventures of RG
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:47:03 PM »
You can see the contrast of the 2 yammy's in this pic. Love them both but alas only room for one in the stable :(

The pic of the FZ was taken right after I rode it home so it's missing all of the mods I've done to it since buying it. Some people hate the way the FZ looks, some love it. I happen to love it. It reminds me of a Transformer :P

I took a little ride out to get some lunch then took a stroll to see my wife at work. It was a nice day to be on country roads!

Anything Goes!! / Re: 2 Wheeled Adventures of RG
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:09:43 PM »
Congrats RG great bike!!!

Mine ...

Love Beemers and that sidecar is just bananas! I'd love to ride in one! Do you have pics of the other side? I'd love to see it.

Anything Goes!! / Re: 2 Wheeled Adventures of RG
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:08:37 PM »
Great video and some good looking roads.  But, that was not a V Max you were on.  New bike?

Yeah, I loved that Max but she was an old girl. She had low miles (7900) for an 18 year old bike but I wanted something a little more modern. I bought a 2017 FZ-10. It's got ABS, traction control, 3 riding modes, an accessory port that I use to power my GPS, cruise control, a quickshifter.......on and on. It's a really fun bike. Handles like nothing I've ever ridden before. I wanted something fuel injected for a change. I spent $666.67 on the VMAX, before I sold it, to go through the carbs and rebuild them so I didn't pass any issues on to the next owner. It was a beautiful power cruiser and I do miss it but when I get on the FZ I forget all about Maxine ;) They are 2 entirely different bikes, each one great in its own right.

The FZ will be a collector's bike at some point as it's a one year deal. Yamaha has always called the "FZ" line up of bikes "MT" everywhere but the states so after only one year calling it the "FZ" here, they decided to unify it and call all "FZ" bikes from here on out "MT". So you have the FZ-07, FZ-09 and FZ-10 now being called MT-07, MT-09 and MT-10. Weird, but it is what it is!

Anything Goes!! / Re: What other Q sites do you frequent?
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:40:18 PM »
I used to go to the Broil King Keg forum quite a bit back in the day, I was an Admin but things went sour so I for the most part gave that one up, lol. I go to Let's Talk BBQ mostly these days as it's not brand specific. Great place. BBQ Brethern once in a while. Maybe 5 times a year :P

Other than that, I don't do much forum stuff as I once did. I don't even cook as much as I did in the past. From 2011-2015 I grilled/smoked 5 times a week, sometimes more. Now I just do it on occasion to stay in practice mostly.

Anything Goes!! / 2 Wheeled Adventures of RG
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:36:18 PM »
As some of you know I am a 2-Wheeled enthusiast. I started off as a kid on different motorcycles that were around the house at the time. Having one of my older brothers be a gear head helped facilitate that I suppose. We seemed to always have something running and if not, had friends with motorcycles that we could usually talk into letting us ride. I last had a YZ 100 as a teen but as I grew older I just gave it up. I was far more interested in girls I suppose. I got married, had kids and that was that.

I went a long time without getting another bike, I had talked about it many times but just never went through with it. There used to be a whole lot more places to ride dirt bikes than there is now and the idea of street bikes scared me. Just being honest. It wasn't that I was afraid of my ability to ride one but rather the folks in cars around me not seeing me and pulling out in front of me or into me. I've had friends be involved in motorcycle accidents, one even died.

Back in February of this year, I finally decided to put my fear aside and buy a motorcycle. I got my "M" endorsement and began to ride. I ended up selling that bike and bought a new one with safety features like traction control and ABS and I have to say, I really enjoy riding. The bike I bought is capable of astonishing acceleration but I baby it for the most part. I have my spirited moments but in no way have I come close to what it's capable of. Maybe 40% but that's fine. I like knowing it's there I guess ;) It was the same way back when I had my Mustang. I never got over 100mph in it but I knew that if I needed to GO, it was ready, lol.

One part of riding for me is to make silly little videos and find spots to take pictures. I bought a tank bag to hold my DSLR and I try to find spots to pull off and snap a picture or 10. I usually try to include the bike in the picture as well as I do like it quite a bit. Some find it hideous but I like the way it looks. It is more than just transportation, it's freedom. I can't explain how serene and at peace I feel riding down back roads on it, listening to music in my helmet via bluetooth while also hearing the growl of the exhaust. It's just like heaven to me. The sights I see from a 2 wheeled vantage point, the temperature changes from warm to cool to cold and back. The smells of the road and the woods, sometimes leaves burning or someone smoking or grilling. It's all part of the experience and I have to say, I'm hooked!

I don't have much longer before it will be too cold (for me) to ride but I may pop in here and there and add pics and videos to this thread. I may even add some food pics of restaurants that I may end up at on my jaunts about the countryside. For now, I'll leave you with a nice picture I took yesterday on the side of a country road. I liked the leaves that had fallen and thought it'd make a nice wallpaper for my desktop PC :)

Here's a short video taken right after I got back on the bike after that pic above. I did misbehave slightly so be forewarned :P

What's Cooking? / Re: Smoked Pulled Pork Chili
« on: October 31, 2017, 07:35:45 PM »
Looks tasty! I've never had PP in chili but I do make brisket chili from time to time.

What's Cooking? / Re: Chicken Parm Pizza??
« on: October 23, 2017, 12:29:03 PM »
I normally can get fresh basil at any grocery store I go to but it wasn't meant to be I guess.

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