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Anything Goes!! / Testing out my GPS feature on the Sony Action Cam
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:14:13 PM »
Well since I didn't make a video of the butt smoking I figured I'd share a video that I DID make. I wanted to test the GPS tracking feature of my camera. It's nifty but it does have a lag, for most people it will not be an issue but on this particular ride it just couldn't track me as fast as a stand alone GPS would. The actual GPS on my bike accurately showed my speed in real time. If I were to use it on a bicycle or kayak, it'd be a non-issue for sure. I took of fairly quick towards the end of the video on an empty country road with no traffic. I got up to 103 and it showed 85 I think. I normally behave myself, I promise I don't drive like this as a habit. I just was feeling spry :)

The video was shot in 4K but Youtube compresses the snot out of it and makes the video have ghosting and pixelation. Nothing I can do about it except complain  :P

Anyhoo, I will be doing more cooking videos and will post them as I make them if there is interest. Some may be on the KBQ, some may be on a pellet grill. I might even come up with an UUNI video.

What's Cooking? / My Wife's Butt
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:14:19 AM »

She wanted to take the KBQ for a spin so she smoked up a butt for last night's dinner. It was excellent! I made up some slaw and hand cut fries and smoked some baked beans (no pics of beans) to go with it.

I was going to make a video out of this but I was just too busy. It was too nice of a day to not be out riding my scooter. I did record my ride so I guess a video was made, just not one showing a butt :P

Anything Goes!! / RG's self indulgent Brisket Video
« on: January 14, 2018, 05:42:25 PM »
Here's a stupid little video I made, I had fun with it. It's not very informative really, just showing me prep and cook a brisket. I meant to record me slicing it but didn't press the "record" button on the camera though I sure thought I did, lol.

Anything Goes!! / Hi guys and gals!
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:22:18 PM »
I know I am a but an occasional visitor here anymore but I am in the process of making a brisket "How-To" video just for the fun of it. I wonder how many (if any) would like to see it? I am by NO MEANS an expert at this, a backyard hack at best but I thought it might be fun. Keep in mind I no longer have an SI so the cooking part will be done on another cooker but maybe some of the stuff I do might be beneficial to others nonetheless. Let me know if y'all want to watch an idiot smoke a brisket, lol!

Anything Goes!! / 2 Wheeled Adventures of RG
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:36:18 PM »
As some of you know I am a 2-Wheeled enthusiast. I started off as a kid on different motorcycles that were around the house at the time. Having one of my older brothers be a gear head helped facilitate that I suppose. We seemed to always have something running and if not, had friends with motorcycles that we could usually talk into letting us ride. I last had a YZ 100 as a teen but as I grew older I just gave it up. I was far more interested in girls I suppose. I got married, had kids and that was that.

I went a long time without getting another bike, I had talked about it many times but just never went through with it. There used to be a whole lot more places to ride dirt bikes than there is now and the idea of street bikes scared me. Just being honest. It wasn't that I was afraid of my ability to ride one but rather the folks in cars around me not seeing me and pulling out in front of me or into me. I've had friends be involved in motorcycle accidents, one even died.

Back in February of this year, I finally decided to put my fear aside and buy a motorcycle. I got my "M" endorsement and began to ride. I ended up selling that bike and bought a new one with safety features like traction control and ABS and I have to say, I really enjoy riding. The bike I bought is capable of astonishing acceleration but I baby it for the most part. I have my spirited moments but in no way have I come close to what it's capable of. Maybe 40% but that's fine. I like knowing it's there I guess ;) It was the same way back when I had my Mustang. I never got over 100mph in it but I knew that if I needed to GO, it was ready, lol.

One part of riding for me is to make silly little videos and find spots to take pictures. I bought a tank bag to hold my DSLR and I try to find spots to pull off and snap a picture or 10. I usually try to include the bike in the picture as well as I do like it quite a bit. Some find it hideous but I like the way it looks. It is more than just transportation, it's freedom. I can't explain how serene and at peace I feel riding down back roads on it, listening to music in my helmet via bluetooth while also hearing the growl of the exhaust. It's just like heaven to me. The sights I see from a 2 wheeled vantage point, the temperature changes from warm to cool to cold and back. The smells of the road and the woods, sometimes leaves burning or someone smoking or grilling. It's all part of the experience and I have to say, I'm hooked!

I don't have much longer before it will be too cold (for me) to ride but I may pop in here and there and add pics and videos to this thread. I may even add some food pics of restaurants that I may end up at on my jaunts about the countryside. For now, I'll leave you with a nice picture I took yesterday on the side of a country road. I liked the leaves that had fallen and thought it'd make a nice wallpaper for my desktop PC :)

Here's a short video taken right after I got back on the bike after that pic above. I did misbehave slightly so be forewarned :P

What's Cooking? / Chicken Parm Pizza??
« on: October 22, 2017, 07:15:19 AM »
I guess you could just as easily call it a pizza with chicken on it but it did taste like Chicken Parm!

I took some chicken tenders and cut them into nugget sized pieces and basically treated them like I would a chicken breast made for chicken parmesan. I had my son do that part, dipped in egg then into a seasoned flour/panko mixture and pan fried. I made up Greg's no cook sauce to serve as the marinara and made up a quick pizza dough. I took the chicken and cut it down into even smaller pieces and tossed that in the sauce. I sauced the skin and topped with a 5 cheese "Italian" cheese blend and then topped with the sauced chicken followed by lots of fresh mozz, a little more shredded cheese and dried basil. I went to 2 stores looking for fresh Basil and couldn't find it so I gave up. I was going to cook it on the keg but ran out of time so into the oven it went.

I must say that it turned out pretty dang good. It would've been better cooked on the Keg or if I wanted to make little personal pies, the UUNI.

These aren't the best pics but you get the gist of it.

What's Cooking? / Adult BLTs
« on: July 23, 2017, 06:52:19 AM »
Who doesn't like a good BLT? Very few I'd imagine. We didn't feel like cooking up a big meal tonight so we went diving in the freezer and pulled out the pork belly we smoked not so long ago.

The better half decided that she wanted to make BLTs out of it so that's what she did.

She took some ciabatta and toasted it in the oven and cut some thick slices of that pork belly and crisped them up in a frying pan. The sandwich was built as follows : bottom bun spread with sun dried tomato pesto (good stuff!), pork belly, garden tomato slices, lettuce, provolone, fresh sliced avocado, just a little mayo on top bun. I had mine sans avocado but she and my son had it on theirs. Served with some hand cut sweet potato fries.

It was a simple, easy meal that hit the spot!

Anything Goes!! / Let them eat cake!
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:50:01 AM »
Supposedly that's what Marie Antoinette said (it's a fallacy, google will tell you all you need to know, lol)

Since I am not Marie Antoinette, I can say it with conviction! Last year, the wife and I took a little trip to Chattanooga to go to the Tennessee Aquarium among other things, it was a little getaway for a few days to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. During this trip, we ate at a diner called "City Cafe Diner". I got a burger and don't really even remember what she got to be honest. The burger was fairly good, it was HUGE, that much I do recall. On the way in, we saw this display cabinet full of the most beautiful cakes I'd ever seen, spinning around on a carousel, so after dinner I ordered a piece of the "Seven Sins" cake to go. It by itself was $7.00! We got back to the hotel room and I took a bite and was floored! It was THE BEST cake I had ever tasted, bar none. My wife, who is not even a sweet eater, took a bite, then another, then another........she was in love, lol.

We returned back to the diner the next morning because she heard the breakfast was excellent. I got some pancakes and sausage, not a fan. Humongous portions but it was just meh. I came real close to buying a whole cake to bring home but didn't. The whole ride home I was thinking about that cake though :P

As luck would have it, my wife made a trip to Ohio with my Daughter to visit a friend and on the way back home decided to route herself through Chattanooga to get a cake. That's just what she did, she called ahead a day before and ordered a whole "Seven Sins" cake and brought it home. This thing is enormous and could easily feed 25 people. I have eaten my share as has my wife and son, we've given some away and still have half a cake left! It costs $71.00 but to be honest, it's worth every penny! I now need to find a way to freeze this thing. I am sick of eating cake but I don't want to toss it out from not eating it either.

This is what the fuss is about :

The Box

The Choices

The Cake

Prior to eating this cake, my favorite chocolate cake actually was from the Publix deli. Their Chocolate Ganache  cake is excellent, or so I thought. After eating the Seven Sins cake, it makes the Publix cake taste like a Little Debbie (no offense Debbie, I still like your snack cakes too!).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It seems that I went a little overboard this time. Hard to really even apologize because it was indeed premeditated :)

For some reason, every time my wife goes out of town, I cook some really good stuff. I guess it's my way of punishing her, lol! This time I had planned to make a sub. I already had some ham in the freezer from when I cured that pork loin and smoked it not too long ago. I also had some Duroc pork belly bacon curing in the fridge that I smoked yesterday morning. This lead to me buying a turkey breast and brining it and smoking it on the Traeger after the bacon was done. While the turkey was gettin' jiggy with it on the Traeger, I took an Eye of Round that I had marinating in a dry rub overnight in the fridge and threw it on the new toy, the Weber Rotisserie.

Once all meats were done, I vacuum sealed them up (once cooled down) and let them chill in the fridge overnight. After that I made the dough for the sub rolls and let them proof in the garage fridge overnight. I baked off the rolls this afternoon and sliced the meats and put them in the fridge to chill while I shredded a head of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and green peppers. I took out all of the condiments and toppings and made a build your own sub type of deal out of it.

I made mine by not fully splitting the roll and coating both sides of the bread with mayo. Next was 3 slices of Swiss, 3 slices of Provolone, 8 slices of Med Rare Roast Beef, 8 slices of Smoked Turkey Breast, 8 slices of Ham (all were thin but not shaved (super thin), 8 little slices of bacon. Next was zesty dill slices (sandwich stackers), tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, black olives, mustard, lettuce,salt & pepper, oregano, oil and red wine vinegar.

It was hard to fold over but I accomplished it! I was able to eat half and I might take a stab at the other half in a little while, lol!

Take a look at my creation won't you?

Now THAT was a Club Sub! I am biased of course, but this was the best sub I've ever eaten. Too bad it costs about $100 to make, lol! Just kidding, it was a lot more expensive than going to a sub shop would be, but it was a fun project. My son loved it so that made it worth every penny ;)

Thanks for looking :)

What's Cooking? / Spicy Sicilian Pizza
« on: June 09, 2017, 10:23:02 AM »
I'm back with something good y'all! I made a Sicilian pizza for dinner recently and it rocked! I made up some fresh dough and some spicy garlic sauce using San Marzano tomatoes. I put some spicy pepperoni and hot Italian sausage on there with over a pound of fresh grated mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheese. The dough basically gets fried in olive oil as it bakes. It is some righteous stuff! Crispy and chewy.

I used This Recipe for the most part. I added some honey and a little basil to the sauce and for the pizza I used less olive oil than it called for in the pan. I originally used what it said but ended up pouring some off after the dough was risen. I also used  more cheese than called for. It's pizza, you make it how you want. I added sausage and it was a good addition. I par cooked the sausage before putting it on the pizza.

Enough talk, take a look!

I have made this again since making the first one shown in this post. The second time I made it I used butter flavored crisco in the tray with just a smidge of olive oil. I wanted a buttery crust and it did the trick. It is out freaking standing! I suggest y'all give it a whirl.

LASAGNA! Full of meat and cheese. She ate a can of vegan soup, bleh!

It was a new recipe I tried and it rocked! I used This One

The only thing I did differently was use cottage cheese instead of ricotta and I amped up the sauce a little with some crushed red pepper flakes and I also topped it with some smoked provolone slices.

Good stuff!

Anything Goes!! / Maxine's Makeover!! Pic Heavy
« on: April 09, 2017, 02:23:10 AM »
 I know I haven't been very active on here as of late. I lurk and don't post because frankly, I've had nothing to post! I don't cook nearly as much as I used to, on any of my cookers. I go through phases. Now that it's warm I am sure that I'll be more involved with cooking. What I HAVE been doing lately is tinkering with motorcycles. I made a post about getting my wife and I some bikes :

As I stated in that post, I wanted to "clean" my bike up a bit. Compared to hers it was really dull. So I slowly did what I wanted to do. I got most of it done yesterday (Saturday 4/8/17) and today I will install the exhaust I bought for it. It's REALLY quiet to be such a brute of a motorcycle. Around where I live, the old adage "Loud Pipes Save Lives" is apropos. The only thing I will have left after installing the exhaust is to install tank emblems back on the bike and a little rubber "seal" that goes between the tank and the instrument cover. I have to find it first, it seems to have come up missing for the SECOND time, I think my wife may have tossed it out mistakenly  ::) Then it'll just a detail session to bring out her new found exuberance :P

Here's what she looked like before, not bad really, just had some finish issues with the rear wheel and the fenders and tank also had damaged finishes due to the previous owner applying some very harsh stuff to it in the name of waxing it. I couldn't take it anymore!

I have since installed a mini windscreen, powder coated the side scoops by the tank, powder coated the sissy bar the same color as the scoops, powder coated the wheels a cool charcoal metallic color, painted both fenders and tank, installed new bearings in both wheels, new "wave style" rotors, new tires, new tail led tail light, a cell phone/gps holder/charger, and lastly (for now) will be the full exhaust. It's hard to tell from garage photos, but she is shiny as a new penny! Once she gets the exhaust, I will detail her with some Top Coat F11 and take some glamour shots out in the sun so the metallic in the paint and powder coating POP.

Here are some pics to bring y'all up to speed AND serve as a way for me to document my little project.

Here she is after being torn down. I ended up taking the other part of the seat off as well to run a cable to the battery for the cell phone holder.

Here's what the sissy bar and scoops looked like prior to powder coating, the scoops had some minor blemishes but the sissy bar's clear coat had worn totally off and looked fuzzy.

Here the scoops after powder coating

Sissy bar assembled and back on the bike after powder coating

Wheels after PC

New "wave" rotors installed

New Rubber

Front fender and tank at my painters

Various pics (in poor lighting) of Maxine in her new clothes, lol (Minus new exhaust)

I will edit this post once I get her "DONE done". Thanks for letting me bore you with this, lol.

Model 3.5D - The Next Step / So....I see that this must be a sign.........
« on: February 16, 2017, 06:49:34 PM »
.....of a new SI?

Anything Goes!! / Any Bikers here?
« on: February 14, 2017, 07:19:16 AM »
I know we all love cooking and smoking but do any of y'all ride? Years ago I was into Dirt Bikes but haven't had one in a LONG time and sometimes wish I had an enduro to go offroad with.

For years my wife has talked about us both getting a motorcycle. Sometimes she would talk about dirt bikes, other times she talked about street bikes, lol. She had seen other ladies riding Harleys and whatnot and has just always had it in the back of her mind that she wanted a bike. I never put much stock into it as it would always pass. Recently it has been the topic of discussion again as she has some friends on Facebook that ride and we have some friends that we met through other friends that both ride so.......guess what? Now she was more convinced than ever that she wanted a motorcycle.

As luck would have it, one of those friends has been wanting to get into outdoor cooking and when he would come over for the Falcons playoff run to watch the games, I would always cook something and he's very interested in my grills, so much so that I offered to sell him one of my kegs. He seemed interested so I reached out to him over the weekend and asked if he wanted it, I told him I was looking to get a little money up to buy my wife a bike. He then told me that his girlfriend has an unused bike in the garage "getting in the way collecting dust" thing led to another and I got a STEAL of a deal on a bike for her. It's not a Harley but it is a nice bike. It's an '07 Honda Shadow and she loves it! Low seat height and light enough that a lady can ride it easily.

Here's her bike, black and chrome like she wanted :)

Picture is not that good, taken with my crappy phone but you get the idea.

The cool thing about this is that not only does she get a bike, I am getting one too! She wants us BOTH to ride, lol. So I'm not really a laid back, arms in the air, sitting low type rider. I like to be be more "up" so I picked out a bike I've wanted for years. It's kind of old school, some get it, some don't. I chose a Yamaha V-Max. It's a bike that has enough power and torque to pull both of us through mountains if we chose to just take one bike plus I like the way they look, lol. I have yet to take delivery, I am going Friday to pick it up and I can't wait!

We had gone up to the local Harley dealership to check out their bikes, she was interested in an 883 Sportster but for about half the price, I got a bike for both of us with very low miles on each. Plus I didn't have to take out a loan and make payments so I like the route we chose better!  I told her that this bike was going to be her Valentine's day AND birthday present (her bday is in March) and mine would be MY vday and bday present, lol.

I am going to sign us up for a 3 day riding course that will also get us our "M" endorsement on our license plus save us on insurance. I am looking forward to putting down some back country roads and sight seeing with her. We are both excited!

One last thing for me to brag about on my wife. She is a sicko like I am when it comes to grills/smokers. She told me Saturday "I want a Weber". So we go to Lowe's Sunday morning, she sees the 22" Performer and we came home and ordered it, it'll be here today. She wants to cook bacon wrapped shrimp and filet mignon on it for me for Valentine's Day Dinner! Wow! I am blown away by this woman! She's the best thing to EVER happen to me, I married WAY out of my league. God is good and I am so very blessed. I am truly undeserving but I'll take it ;)

Sorry for the long read, y'all know I get carried away sometimes, lol!

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