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Title: Cold Smoked Cheese Set UP
Post by: TexasSMK on November 25, 2016, 09:26:31 PM
I lifted this idea from someone else, sorry I can't find the post to give proper credit.  The poster used beer cans to set a shelf above the smoke vent on the smoker.  I utilized bricks standing up tall and a grate.  I apologize for my lack of details and photos--I made this up as I was smoking some oysters and shrimp--delicious.  Yes, smoked the cheese while the oysters and shrimp smoked.  Placed the cheese on the rack and put my box over it.  Outside temp was about 55F.  Temp rose in the box to 90--so I lifted the box and put it back on.  That works, but I was loosing smoke.  I put a frozen water bottle on the shelf and that kept the temp at about 80F for the next 1.5 hours.  Used Apple wood. Cheese was delicious--yep, consumed prior to thinking about photos.  No taste of the oyster or shrimp on cheese.  So here is my classic set up minus detail pictures--sorry ::)