Author Topic: Filetto (Pork Tenderloin) in Umai Bags  (Read 405 times)


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Filetto (Pork Tenderloin) in Umai Bags
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:29:58 PM »
I have been working up to trying my hand at charcuterie and salumi and have already started some sopressatta and braesola (but forgot the pictures. 😳 I will post them when they are done). This week I started Filetto two different ways.

Way #1 is using Michael Ruhlman process: salt box method with 3% salt and about 1% each of fennel and black pepper, roasted and ground coarse. Sat in this over 2 nights and then rinsed all of the brine off, dried, and rinsed with white wine, and rolled in 3 g each of roasted fennel and black pepper, course grind. Starting weight 430 g.

Way #2 is using a method I found on Pinterest: salt box method of 3% salt, in plastic bags 2 nights as with method #1. But this time I didn't rinse the salt but removed any extra I could see, which wasn't much. Rolled this one in 1 Tbs of Aleppo Pepper via the salt box method. Starting weight 400 g.

Looking for 30% weight loss for each. This should occur in about 4 or 5 weeks. Pictures below. The Aleppo pepper version is the pink one. The nice thing about the Umai bags is that I think I can do this in a little meat refrigerator I have that I usually brine in without buying all of the humidity and temperature control gadgets I would have to use with the traditional method. We shall see....  :)
Bob - Colorado Springs