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Auber PID Tips and Tricks / Re: PID with Wifi
« Last post by SuperDave on Today at 02:11:00 PM »
Check out this thread.  I believe they can be purchased as well.
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by SuperDave on Today at 02:08:20 PM »
I was watching Man, Fire, Food on the Food channel the other night and they were at a BBQ joint in Texas.  The owner reported that they went through 4 tons of brisket a week. 8,000 lbs of brisket a week, talk about putting a dent in availability! Lol!
Auber PID Tips and Tricks / PID with Wifi
« Last post by raymillsus on Today at 01:28:08 PM »
Can anyone recommend a PID with WIFi built in? I think if I am going the route of adding a PID when I get my #3 one with Wifi that I can monitor via an App from anywhere would be nice. My ideal situation is to be able to monitor it and control it during long smokes from other places than home. 
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by old sarge on Today at 12:49:46 PM »
I am still able to get prime at Costco in Phoenix and Tucson. How long that will last is anyone's guess.
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by t-motheviking on Today at 12:17:41 PM »
Looks good! Definitely need to try one of these sometime!
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by Walt on Today at 09:55:04 AM »
I only had access to Choice up until a couple of months ago. They always turned out great. However, I always brined & injected them. That also worked well for the occasional Select that found it way to my house. With SAMS now carrying Prime, I usually only brine unless I am trying to add a particular flavor profile, then I will inject also. As I type this morning, I can smell a 14lb prime brined brisket smoking under my house ( I live in a raised house). I put it on before I went to sleep last night.  I love the way it perfumes my house while I sleep. The anticipation for this evenings meal tugs at me throughout the night & all day.
For those that use the auber this is the program I use:

14 (1 hr per lb)



I do the timed portion (1st step) just in case the probe happens to be in a fat pocket. This ensures a good nights sleep & I know it won't reach temp prior to 1 hr per lb.
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by SuperDave on Today at 09:23:55 AM »
Costco in my area only carried Choice but I could find Prime at Sam's.  Now, I seem to see them alternate.  If I don't see a Prime at one, I usually find it at the other. 
Model 2 & 2D - The Middle Kid / Re: First Smoke
« Last post by SconnieQ on Today at 12:13:58 AM »
I'm with you on the remote monitoring. I don't have a D model, but if I did, I would still use my Maverick so I wouldn't have to check the smoker. 14 hours for an 8 pound butt sounds totally normal. It's right in that 1.5 to 2 hours per pound range. As far as the temperature fluctuations when the meat was at 185, you were experiencing the "stall", where the meat temperature does not move, or even goes down, possibly for a period of hours. Totally normal. All low and slow cooked meats will go through the stall. Just let it do it's thing. Don't raise the temperature or try to rush it. It is the process that makes the meat tender. You can search the forum for more information, or google "bbq stall". Lots of info out there on the science of what it is, and why it happens.
Beef / Re: Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by SconnieQ on Today at 12:00:30 AM »
That's good to hear Gene. Choice used to be all I could get until Costco came to town. I would assume the Choice briskets would still be pretty darn good, but we've been spoiled with the Prime briskets at Costco. It also remains to be seen whether the hurricane in Texas might have an effect on beef availability and prices. So it might be a while before we get the Primes back in Costcos in Wisconsin.
Beef / Costco Choice Brisket
« Last post by kona77 on September 20, 2017, 11:31:02 PM »
 I had shared my first brisket experience about a month ago (huge success). After this smoke I found out the local Costco stores in Wisc. no longer had the Prime cut briskets. I recently purchased two "choice" full packer briskets from Costco and smoked one for our hunting camp this weekend. Since these were the choice cut I did use DM's brine for 24 hours.. I coated with olive oil and Jim Baldridge rub and smoked with 7-8oz of hickory/cherry wood. The only real change from my first smoke was I hardly trimmed any fat and I smoked with the fat side down.

This was a 13-14lb packer and it took 12 hours for the point to hit 195.. I took out the brisket and had the 'Jiggly" feel that I have seen on so many previous posts from the pro's on this forum.. I wrapped in foil for 4 hours and served with corn bread and slaw.. Brisket turned out great. Only have a picture of the brisket before the smoke. The carnivores at deer camp did not give me time to take pictures before they devoured the brisket.

Not sure when we will see Premium briskets again at our Costco stores up here,  but the choice cut is not a bad option.. Already looking forward to another brisket smoke in the next few weeks.             
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