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Poultry / Re: Wings sauce recommendations pls
« Last post by JustChillin on Today at 03:45:20 PM »
It is my go to sauce when I do wings for tailgates. It is excellent when I take time to caramelize the sauce before serving. I hope you like it.
Sausage / First summer sausage...
« Last post by Tar54 on Today at 01:58:28 PM »
It was a success! I followed Greggs method for smoking large batches of sausages and it turned out very good for my first attempt! 4 ounces of apple wood...I got a good smoke from the apple wood and it was not shavings just the thinnest stuff I could find in the bag...I was surprised at how much smoke was generated at these low temps....only ashes were left...I am doing a 30lb batch and I split it in half and just put the second batch in the smoker.I used a 70/30 mixture of venison/pork and HI-Mountain summer sausage seasoning. Did the ice water bath and let them rest and completely cool and then fired the VacMaster 215 up...aside from the Smokin-It 2D the Vacmaster is one of the best purchases I have ever made!
Poultry / Re: Wings sauce recommendations pls
« Last post by will615 on Today at 01:52:55 PM »
Thanks David! I will give it a try!
Thank you
RG....  You never fail to impress with your endeavors ....  as always well done sir!!!!!!!

Thanks Mr. Ball. :P I appreciate that. I get these wild hairs up my....well, you know, every once in a while and I tend to go to extremes. This was one of those times  ;D
What's Cooking? / Adult BLTs
« Last post by RG on Today at 06:52:19 AM »
Who doesn't like a good BLT? Very few I'd imagine. We didn't feel like cooking up a big meal tonight so we went diving in the freezer and pulled out the pork belly we smoked not so long ago.

The better half decided that she wanted to make BLTs out of it so that's what she did.

She took some ciabatta and toasted it in the oven and cut some thick slices of that pork belly and crisped them up in a frying pan. The sandwich was built as follows : bottom bun spread with sun dried tomato pesto (good stuff!), pork belly, garden tomato slices, lettuce, provolone, fresh sliced avocado, just a little mayo on top bun. I had mine sans avocado but she and my son had it on theirs. Served with some hand cut sweet potato fries.

It was a simple, easy meal that hit the spot!

Sous Vide! / Re: Swordfish
« Last post by SconnieQ on Today at 02:19:14 AM »
I've never tried swordfish sous vide. It a pretty firm-fleshed fish. I usually sous vide the more delicate fleshed fish, like salmon, which I like medium to medium-rare. Try an internet search for "sous vide swordfish". I've seen 130 for 30-45 minutes, or 140 for 30 minutes. I'm thinking swordfish might need a little more cook to get tender.
A bag of Western apple and Western hickory, and a Kingsford thingy of mesquite chips

I think the above listed comment is your issue.
Always use wood from a reputable source there are recommendations on a few different companies. I cut my own, so I know where it comes from and what I have.

Review what you listed "Western Apple", I have no idea what that is possibly a crab apple tree, I don't know. "Western Hickory" & "Thingy of Mesquite" again with the Western term that must make it special. Hickory and Mesquite are in my opinion flavors that people love or hate. Personally I don't care for them or red oak.

I recommend you get some sugar maple, it is a clean slightly sweet very neutral smoke. burn chunks not chips in amounts that are 2 oz or less. Good luck.

"Western" is a brand name.  Inexpensive and easily available, sold at big box stores, hardware stores, Amazon, etc. It is extremely dry, very inconsistent, and not good quality chunks, especially when compared to wood you order from reputable companies. Good advice on the Sugar Maple.
Just tried my first bacon from a wild boar we hunted this spring. Dry cured a 3-lb. belly for 5 days then into the smoker, tried to keep it between 140 and 175. (The temp. I monitor with the RediCheck thermometer and always notice a big fluctuation.) Took a good 4 1/2 hours to get to 150 internal, but looks partially cooked on the outside. Is this too much heat? Steve Raichlen's guide said 175 for 2-3 hours. Pointers, please!
i went to start a pork but this evening. put in the smoker. plug it in. turn it on,,,,wait? nothing?

1. Check the GFCI plug, ensure the circuit is fine
2. change plugs, nothing wont turn on.
3. plugged a fan into the plugs I was using. to confirm there was power- Confirmed.

Where do i start? I am no wrench...

pull the back off make sure the plug is connected?
pull the PID and send it to someone to check?

It worked fine the last time i used it. It was raining but I cover it with a large tarp with only the smoke hole visible to water. I shut if off when i was done. it just refuses to start.

the pid is showing no temp, no lights of any kind. the only thing that just occurred to me is plugging it in and seeing if it got warm. that at least could show power to the unit vs lights on the PID?

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